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Museum of the future

Dubai is one of the most impressive places in the world in modern architecture.

In Dubai / 28/07/2015 11:59:19

First house made by a 3D printer will be built in Amsterdam

The german architects' office, Dus Architects, was the responsible for the development of a 3D printer.

In / 02/07/2015 10:46:17

Austria will have the world's largest building made of wood

Built in Vienna.

In CAU/PA / 05/03/2015

Chance to design the new Bauhaus Museum

Architects have the chance to design the new Bauhaus Museum in Dessau.

Categoria Contest In Archdaily / 19/02/2015

3D-Print your ideas while you sip on coffee

At makersCAFÉ you can 3D-Print your ideas while you have a cup of coffee.

Categoria 3D In / 04/09/2014 17:19:31

IKEA - New catalog in augmented reality

Ikea has launched its catalog for 2015 with articles in augmented reality.

Categoria Augmented Reality In / 28/08/2014 17:40:42

Map in Movement Shows the World in 3D

The Polyscape - a map based on a movable structure that is forced to move to represent the relief of a given area.

Categoria 3D In Tek Sapo / 06/08/2014 15:40:52

Interactive 3D Archviz Competition

The first ever Architectural contest of interactive real-time 3D presentations.

Categoria Contest In CL3VER / 18/06/2014 15:09:08

Realpolitik: A new approach on the typical “graffiti” on political posters

An application that recognizes posters and that presents an alternative version of them through the augmented reality technology.

Categoria Augmented Reality In Apple Store / 01/05/2014 15:38:57

Architecture for the people by the people

WikiHouse - an open source construction kit that means just about anyone can build a house, anywhere.

Categoria Architecture In TED / 01/05/2013

Building unimaginable shapes

Michael Hansmeyer uses algorithms to design shapes with millions of facets to generate architectural forms.

Categoria Architecture In TED / 01/07/2012

Metal that breathes

Doris Kim Sung works with thermo-bimetals that can shade a room from sun and self-ventilate.

Categoria Architecture In TED / 01/10/2012

New fiber-reinforced wood, concrete ink for 3D printing

New printing materials that are more environmentally friendly than plastics.

Categoria 3D printing In Extreme Tech / 20/05/2013

Museum visitors can 'unwrap' a mummy

Mummies will be digitised using photos and X-ray scans to create 3D models.

Categoria Modeling In BBC UK / 28/06/2013

3D architectural rendering used in historic building preservation

Architectural rendering from 3D data give viewers an accurate image of the structure.

Categoria Rendering In Zebra Imaging / 06/11/2013

Old maps become 3D virtual worlds

Students combined maps from the library's collection with games to create the 3D environments.

Categoria Videojogos In BBC UK / 08/11/2013

New tool for augmented reality

ARHouse - highly effective presentations of construction and development projects in Augmented Reality.

Categoria Realidade aumentada In Augmented Pixels / 03/10/2013

Fairy Tales Contest

Rewrite the way architecture communicates itself to the world.

Categoria Concurso In Blank Space Project / 08/11/2013

Art Center, University Campus

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